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Moisturizing Body Oil

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A3 Lemon Moisturizing Body Oil Ultra smoothing formula remarkably effective in softening and soothing dry stressed skin. In addition to the extraordinary emollient action of…

AFRICA’S BEST | Ultimate Originals | Moisturising Body Gloss 12.0 oz

A light, deep penetrating blend of oils that leave skin smooth, soft and with a radiant glow. Ultimate Organics Moisturizing Body Gloss is serious therapy for…

American Dream | Cocoa Butter Lavender | Body oil | 200ml

American Dream Cocoa Butter Lavender Body Oil 200ml for Skin Soothing An all over body oil leaving skin moisturised and with a gentle glow. Use daily…

American Dream | Cocoa Butter Original | Body oil | 200ml

American Dream Cocoa Butter Body Oil with Vitamin E and Aloe for Skin Moisturising An all over body oil leaving skin moisturised and with a gentle glow.…

Astral Original | Coconut oil

This versatile moisturiser has your beauty needs covered. It’s hydrating after a shower, nourishing after a day in the sun and cleansing after an evening…

Ayumi Naturals | Detox Massage Bath & Body Oil 250ml

A cooling and soothing aromatic experience loaded with nutrients essential for healthy skin. Our massage oil contains a unique blend of plant oils that will…

Ayumi Naturals | Muscle Massage Bath & Body Oil 250ml

Our aromatic massage oil contains a blend with the botanical powers of anti-inflammatory Ginger and antioxidant rich Clary Sage mixed with Black pepper essential oils.…

Ayumi Naturals | Organic Neem Oil 100ml

Organic cold-pressed Neem oil is an effective herbal remedy for skin and hair care. Neem oil is an excellent moisturiser, high in Vitamin E, rich…

Ayumi Naturals | Pure Almond Oil 250ml

Almond oil, an Ayurvedic tradition where it is known as Badam Rogan. It has been used for generations because of its softening action on the…

Ayumi Naturals | Pure Coconut Oil 250ml

The health and beauty benefits of Pure Coconut Oil are world renowned, known as the “TREE OF LIFE”. Coconut oil has a unique group of…

Ayumi Naturals | Pure Fennel Seed Oil 15ml

This stimulating Fennel Seed oil has a sweet and herby aroma and is distilled from the fennel seed. It can help to encourage your body’s…

Ayumi Naturals | Pure Sesame Seed Oil 150ml

Sesame oil contains vitamin E, which can help protect skin cells from the damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays, pollution, and toxins.…