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Scalp Protectors

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Affirm | Fiberguard | Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer (Step 2) 9 applications

  Fiberguard® Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer (Step 2) FiberGuard® Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer (Step 2) is a multipatented, four-step system which preserves up to 40% more of the…

Affirm | Sensitive Scalp Relaxer

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Sensitive Scalp Relaxer (Step 2) Affirm Sensitive Scalp Relaxer's revolutionary formula retains up to 76% of fiber elasticity while superably relaxing the hair. Especially formulated for clients…

Africa’s Best | Olive & Clove Hair | Scalp Oil Therapy

Originals by Africa’s Best® Olive & Clove Hair & Scalp Therapy is a natural oil treatment that helps stop dryness, itching and flaking. This unique…

AFRICAN PRIDE | BLACK CASTOR MIRACLE | Black Castor Miracle Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse 355ML

This Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse gently cleanses and conditions hair, edges, and scalp during braided styles and under weaves without causing frizz. Soothes scalp…

AFRICAN PRIDE | BLACK CASTOR MIRACLE | Black Castor Miracle Sealing Oil 177ml

This sealing oil is specially crafted with a blend of Black Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Soybean Oil to lock moisture into hair strands…

Alikay Naturals | Botanicals Hair & Scalp Balm (8oz)

This balm is not a pore clogging hair grease, but rather a 100% natural scalp treatment that relieves scalp dryness, inflammation and itchiness fast! You…

Creme of Nature | Aloe & Black Castor Oil | Root Recharge Serum 1.7oz

PROTECT AGAINST DAMAGE & INSTANTLY HYDRATE Protect against damage when styling and restore moisture to areas, such as edges and napes, with our Root Recharge Serum…

Curls | Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment (4oz)

Formulated with certified organic blueberry seed oil, corn mint and coconut oil proven to enhance hair growth, soothe and refresh dry, itchy scalp, and relieve…

Curls | Professional | Cashmere + Caviar Hair Bath (8oz)

Curls Luxurious Cashmere and Caviar Hair bath gently cleanses with active charcoal to remove toxins and exfoliate the scalp for growth. Each cleansing session leaves…


DAX Hair Food Plus 4 is enriched with four natural ingredients to help hair remain healthy and manageable, Vitamin A D3, Vitamin E, Panthenol, and…


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DAX Kocatah is specially compounded with exotic coconut oil and a proprietary blend of ingredients. It is an extremely effective treatment for dry scalp, dandruff,…