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Oil Sheen Spray

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Cheers Supreme Strength & Full Protection Hair Polish provides a sheer veil of luminous shine, improves hair's appearance, and leaves strands feeling soft and conditioned.   fortifies…

 THE MANE CHOICE | Do It “FRO” The Culture | Sophisticated Sheen Spray 6 fl.oz

6 ounces   Best for Afro-Textured Hair! Do It 'FRO" The Culture Untouchable Definition & Unmatched Volume Sophisticated Sheen Spray imparts glossy shine and radiance. Infused with antioxidants to nourish, revitalize,…

 THE MANE CHOICE | EXOTIC COOL LAID | Mellow Melon & Nectarine Melted Shine Oil 6 fl.oz

Exotic Cool-Laid  Refreshing COOL Scalp & Nourished LAID Hair Mellow Melon & Nectarine Melted Shine Oil adds intense shine, minimizes frizz, and improves hair's appearance. Lightweight, non-greasy oil is infused…

African Essence | Braid Sheen Spray 12oz

A blend of natural conditioners with shine additives and powerful itch reducing agents. African Essence Braid sheen holds braids together for a neat, tight braid…

African Essence | Control Wig Spray 12oz

Designed to help wigs and braids maintain a beautiful and natural look. Use the crystal clear formula daily to maintain beautiful sheen, superb softness and…

AFRICAN PRIDE | Olive Miracle | Braid Sheen Spray 355ML

Discover our Olive Miracle® formula for silky smooth deep conditioned hair and a moisture-rich healthy scalp. African Pride® Olive Miracle® Magical Growth Sheen restores hair’s…

AFRICAN PRIDE | Olive Miracle | Tension Relief & Shine Braid Sheen Spray 355 ML

African Pride Braid Sheen Spray instantly nourishes hair and scalp adding moisture, softness and natural shine to your braids. Use daily for stronger, healthier, shinier…

African Royale | BRX Braid & Extensions Sheen Spray 12.0 oz

African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray soothes the itching often associated with braids, weaves, and extensions. BRX is great for any commercial, synthetic,…

Alikay Naturals | Silky Straight Heat Protectant Spray (8oz)

Naturally transform your hair into a sleek straight style without the stress of heat damage, weighing your hair down, sticky residue or alcohol drying. Protect…

As I Am | Classic | Oil Sheen Spray 4oz

Hydrate and shine with Marula, Moringa, and Argan Oils The Marula, Moringa, and Argan Oils impart mega shine to hair while hydrating the hair. Great for…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Anti-Breakage Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer 8.fl.oz

Benefits: Helps revive Dry Damaged and Brittle strands leaving hair shinier and healthier. Tea Tree Oil soothe scalp and it’s excellent for pressing. A daily…

AUNT JACKIES | Natural Oils | Frizz Rebel – Coconut & Sweet Almond 4fl.oz

Great For Reducing frizz, Softening & Shining Hair. What will it do for my hair? Coconut & Sweet Almond oils are penetrating, carrier oils that smooth & soften…