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Hollywood Beauty | Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse (16oz)

Hollywood Pure's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses your scalp and conditions your hair using the power of apple cider vinegar. The naturally high acetic acid…

Hollywood Beauty | Argan Conditioner (12.5oz)

This alcohol-free formula helps stop breakage, repairs split ends and provides intense conditioning. Stops breakage and repairs split ends. Provides intense conditioning. Alcohol-free, leaves no…

Hollywood Beauty | Argan Leave-in Conditioner (12oz)

This enriched conditioner will give your hair a new life. Used as a smoothing hair cream. Makes hair silky and smooth. Lends an enhanced shine.…

Hollywood Beauty | Argan Oil Anti Gravity Edge (2.25oz)

Hollywood Argan Oil works as a conditioner that not only strengthens your hair but also helps prevent hair breakage and split ends.…

Hollywood Beauty | Argan Oil Hair Treatment

£5.99 £11.99
This Argan Oil acts as a conditioner that not only adds strength to hair but also prevents hair breakage and reduce split ends. This oil…

Hollywood Beauty | Argan Polisher (6oz)

Hollywood Beauty Argan Polisher enriched with Argan Oil from Morocco. Calms frizz and adds moisture to dry, damaged hair as well as adds shine.  Smooths…

Hollywood Beauty | Argan Shampoo (12oz)

Hollywood Beauty Argan Shampoo Enriched with Argan Oil from Morocco (Sulfate free) …

Hollywood Beauty | Body Butter with Shea Butter (12oz)

Soothes dry skin and adds moisture with 4 oils. Deep penetrating. Hollywood Beauty Body Butter is a soothing creme that will absorb quickly into your…

Hollywood Beauty | Carrot Creme (7.5oz)

Carrot Creme by Hollywood Beauty for Split ends Treatment. Treats your hair with care. Provides essential vitamins needed. Helps restore your hairs natural beauty. Formulated with…

Hollywood Beauty | Carrot Oil

£1.99 £4.49
The Hollywood beauty carrot oil repairs split ends and fights hair breakage. Works as a hot oil, hair and scalp oil or body and massage…

Hollywood Beauty | Carrot Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion (12oz)

Healthy hair starts at the root. Seven Oils, Lanolin, and Vitamin E add moisture at the hair root to promote healthy growth. Shake it up!…

Hollywood Beauty | Castor Oil Hair Treatment

Hair and scalp moisturizing, healing, strengthening and conditioning. Use daily to condition, moisturize and restore natural sheen to your hair and scalp. Helps prevent split…