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High Time | Bump Stopper | Shaving Cream (5oz)

New Formula Helps eliminate razor bumps and burning. High Time Shaving Cream moisturizes as you shave. This formula combines beard softeners and conditioners to reduce…

High Time | Bump Stopper | Shaving Gel (150g)

Non greasy aerosol shaving gel with beard softeners and conditioner. Soothes skin and minimizes irritation. A thin film gives great protection. No bumps …

High Time | Dare To Be Bald | Moisturizing Scalp Lotion 4.75oz

Dare to be Bald High Sheen Moisturizing Scalp Lotion with Hydrating Argan Oil, Vitamins, and Tea Tree Oil. Barber Supplies & Salon Supplies. Moisturizing Scalp…

High Time | Dare To Be Bald | Shaving Cream 5.0 oz

Product Description Dare To Be Bald Shave Cream is the perfect replacement for the discontinued Bump Stopper Shave Cream. This shave cream is great to…

High Time | Double Strength Razor Bump Treatment (14.2g)

Get the most effective treatment for aftershave razor bumps with this Bump Stopper-2 from High Time. This double strength formula is clinically tested and dermatologist…

High Time | Liquid Bump Stopper Plus (2oz)

High Time Liquid Bump Stopper Stopper Plus. High time liquid Bump Stopper plus-a before-and-after-shave remedy to soothe and correct shaving problems for active lifestyles and…

High Time | Moisturizing Lotion (135g)

An all-in-one balmy lotion designed to condition, protect, and treat the shaved scalp against flaking, sun damage and ingrown hairs. Contains Tea Tree Oil for…

High Time | Sensitive Skin Razor Bump Treatment (14.2g)

Clinically tested, Dermatologist approved. Sensitive skin formula for light to Moderate Razor Bump Problems. Concentrated cream formula for bumps & ingrown hairs caused by shaving with razors, electric…