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Bigen | EZ Colour For Men

Description M1 Jet Black M2 Real Black M3 Darkest brown Bigen EZ Colour for Men works on both your hair and beard with excellent grey hair coverage. EZ Colour…

Bigen | Men’s Beard Colour (1 App)

Bigen Men's Beard Colour contains no ammonia and is specially enriched with Aloe Extract & Olive Oil, easy to apply to any part of the…

Bigen | Men’s Speedy Colour (1 App)

Bigen Men's Speedy Colour is the solution for men's grey to carry out a stylish look. Attain a clean-cut appearance in no time.…

Bigen | Permanent Powder Hair Colour (6g)

Permanent powder hair colour ideal for covering grey naturally.…

Bigen | Women Speedy Colour (1 App)

Easy & Speedy Application Just brush in with Applicator Comb tailored for men’s hair – covering grey perfectly in 5 minutes. With non-drip & hair-friendly…