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ATONE WITH NATURE | Anti-Breakage Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer 8.fl.oz

Benefits: Helps revive Dry Damaged and Brittle strands leaving hair shinier and healthier. Tea Tree Oil soothe scalp and it’s excellent for pressing. A daily…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Botanical Hydrating Shampoo 16OZ

Benefits: Eliminates static charge, repair fly-away fibers and split-ends. Removes dirt and excess oil without stripping. Enhances hair with moisture to make it silky smooth. …

ATONE WITH NATURE | AMROC Edge Control 2.3 oz

Moroccan Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil and Indian AMLA 2.3 oz   Benefits: Controls & Holds down rough edges. Moisturizes, Conditions and leaves hair with exotic shine. Perfect for…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Botanical Reconstructor Conditioner 237ML

Benefits: Revives dry hair with a moisture rich complex Assist with the reconstruction of damaged or weakened areas inside and along the outer hair shaft. …

ATONE WITH NATURE | Carrot Oil Conditioning Hair Crème 5.5 fl.oz

Benefits: Moisture-rich formula which contains Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E. Excellent for growing healthy hair, controlling breakage, shedding and maintaining a healthier scalp. Revives hair and…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Dry Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Conditioner 8.fl.oz

Benefits: Provides quick soothing relief from the discomfort of dry and itchy scalp. Moisturizes and hydrates both the scalp and hair Detangles to minimize breakage…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Dry Itchy Scalp Shampoo 8OZ

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Benefits: Moisturizes the hair and scalp to help counteract dryness that causes itching. Gently cleanses loose flakes, leaving the scalp feeling invigorate and tingling fresh. …

ATONE WITH NATURE | Dry Itchy Scalp Treatment 2.fl.oz

Benefits: Relieves and controls symptoms associated with dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis Moisturizes, soothe and relief dry itchy scalp conditions associated with hair braiding. The rich…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Kids Anti-Breakage Oil Moisturizer 8.fl.oz

Benefits: Anti breakage detangling conditioner. Delivers weightless nourishment to improve hair texture. Contains Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter which soothes scalp, conditions natural, blow…

ATONE WITH NATURE | Kids Crème Conditioner 5.5 fl.oz

Benefits: Helps hair grow longer and stronger Controls excessive breakage and shedding Moisture rich formula helps reconstruct damaged strands. …

ATONE WITH NATURE | Kids Hydrating Shampoo 8OZ

Benefits: Gently cleanses to infuse moisture and hydration Detangles and conditions for softer healthier hair For Natural or Chemically treated hair …

ATONE WITH NATURE | Kids Leave-In Conditioner 8.fl.oz

Benefits: Conditions Natural, Curly and Relaxed hair Detangles, Repair and Strengthens Hair Heals dry and brittle hair …